Life On Earth E06 | The Invasion Of The Land

Some 350 million years ago, evolution reached one of its most crucial stages when fish crawled from water onto the land and became amphibians. Today, newts, salamanders, toads and frogs still survive in great quantities, and there is even one species of frog where the male gives birth from its mouth!

Life On Earth E08 | Lords Of The Air

We examine the uses and advantages of birds’ unique possession – the feather. Feathers are insulators; they provide the surface of the most perfect aerofoils known – bird’s wings; and they play a central role in courtship

Life On Earth E09 | The Rise Of The Mammals

A look at the evolution of mammals from reptiles 200 million years ago. This remarkable transition involved the development of mechanisms for regulating body temperature, for allowing the young to develop in the womb and for suckling newborns. Attenborough also explores the South American origins of marsupials and their colonization of Australia

Life On Earth E10 | Theme And Variation

A look at some of the huge variety of mammals. Bats number over a thousand species, many hunt insects, some sip nectar, drink blood, and even catch fish. Contrast those which use sonar with the great whales that sing, the star-nosed mole and the giant anteater, and the potential variations become dramatically clear

Life On Earth E11 | The Hunters And Hunted

Explore the eternal duel between the hunters and the hunted – one of the driving forces of evolution. As the hunters develop speed and cunning, the prey becomes increasingly fast and wary in order to stay alive. Nowhere is this seen better than on the plains of East Africa

Life On Earth E12 | LIfe In The Trees

David Attenborough’s now legendary encounter with young gorillas is featured in this episode as he looks at the history of primates, whose ancestors sought their fortune in the treetops. There they developed binocular vision for accurately judging distances, and the ability to grasp trees with a firm grip. The group includes dazzling gymnasts, deafening choristers […]